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can set you up with the perfect RV rental for your vacation to Yellowstone National Park. In 2009 Yellowstone had over three and a half million visitors. We are honored to help you enjoy Yellowstone National Park's majesty with our towable RV rentals to Yellowstone.

That's why we are here: To help you get out there.

Is a Yellowstone RV rental best for your trip, or would a towable RV rental better fit your family? Let's take a look.

Drivable RV Rental


- Typical cost for week long RV rental: $1,900-$3400
- Mileage charges: $0.25-$0.60 per mile over the 100 miles/day.
- Gas mileage: 6-9 mpg for gas and 7-12 mph for diesel

Towable RV Rental


- Typical cost for week long camper rental: $520-$810
- Mileage charges: Free/Unlimited miles
- Gas mileage: 10-15 mpg for gas and 12-18 for diesel


- Almost all drivable RV rentals have A/C, heat, bathroom, stereo, TV and water systems
- Some can be extremely posh and have the feeling of home
- Allow for the travelers to enjoy the amenities and sitting space while driving.


- Most towable RV rentals have A/C, heat, bathroom, stereo and water systems
- Higher end travel trailers can be posh and have the feeling of home.
- Pop up campers do not have as nice of an interior and actually feel like you're camping.

Yellowstone National Park is abundant with hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and plants. The numerous recreational opportunities and natural beauty drew almost one million visitors in July 2010 alone. The greater Yellowstone ecosystem is the largest remaining continuous stretch of mostly undeveloped pristine land in the continental United States.

Yellowstone was the first national park in the world and remains as an extremely popular destination for the explorer in all of us. If your trip is originating in the Denver area, or you are driving through on your way to Yellowstone, Colorado Camper Rental can provide you with an affordable yet comfortable travel trailers to rent as you explore the park.
Colorado Camper Rental is conveniently located in Denver one mile east of I-25. Whether you are camping in Yellowstone National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, hunting in Wyoming or heading to the fantastic southeastern deserts of Utah, our gateway location allows you to rent travel trailer in Denver without going too far out of the way.
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